One of the most intimate parts of our wardrobe was always neglected in the fashion industry and we thought it was about time for some changes.

When people ask us what’s all the fuss about socks since nobody could see them, we reply that fashion is not something you display but something that you do for yourself, to give yourself a state of mind, whether it’s confidence, strength, power, boldness, courage, or pride.

It isn’t rocket science, but sock manufacturing comes close. To get the finished stunningly packaged pair to you, we go from design proofing, programming the knitting robots into the computer, sourcing raw materials, knitting, finishing, boarding and packaging. Then we send the socks to you, with love.

At Okaoko, we manufacture ourselves all the socks in our own factory in Romania. Our inspiration is Henry Ford in everyhting that we do and we aspire that all our production activity takes place the same way as in a automotive factory.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

Henry Ford